makeyourown CRAFTY COLLAR


If you love your pet as much as we love ours, then making a special gift for them can be very rewarding. Create a handmade collar for your best friend.


  • 15-21 (size #10-24) brass hex nuts
  • 12 feet of cotton kitchen twine
  • 1 brass D-ring
  • 1 parachute buckle (for ½ inch strap)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors


STEP 1: Measure your pet’s neck. Either wrap a piece of string around his/her neck then stretch it out and measure it with a ruler, use a flexible measuring tape, or measure an old collar.

STEP 2: Cut three 36-inch strands of twine.

STEP 3: Find the center of the three strands of twine by matching up the ends. Taking the center, make a loop and push it through the slot in the parachute buckle (the side of the buckle with only one slot) and the D-ring. Pass the ends of the twine through the loop and pull tight, securing the twine around parachute buckle and D-ring.

STEP 4: Use another cut of twine to secure the parachute buckle to a door handle, table leg, etc. before proceeding.

STEP 5: Separate the strands of twine into three groups of two. Braid the twine for about 1-2 inches depending on how many hex nuts you prefer (the more plain braid, the less hex nut braid). Visually plan how many inches you need to braid with the hex nuts by dividing the overall neck measurement by two.

STEP 6: Insert the proper grouping of twine through a hex nut as its turn comes up to be passed into the center of the braid. Once you reach the half-way point of the neck measurement, simply mirror the braiding on the second half of the collar.

STEP 7: Braid appropriately, with or without hex nuts, until the second half of the collar is complete.

STEP 8: Test the final measurement around your pet’s neck before finishing. Add or subtract braid until it is just right.

STEP 9: Hold on to the other half of the parachute buckle and pass the ends of the twine through the unused, innermost slot one at a time. After all six of the strands of twine are through, loop them back through the remaining, outer slot on the parachute buckle.

STEP 10: Isolate two strands of twine (pull from an edge). Pull the four strands taught, squeeze a ½-inch stripe of hot glue onto the braided collar and position the four strands into the glue. Finish the collar off by tightly wrapping the last two strands of twine around the braid and glued strands twice. Knot the ends up through the wrapped strands and hot glue in place. Trim the ends of the twine until they are no longer visible. Add more glue if necessary. Between the glue and tension of the parachute buckle, the collar should be secure. For larger pets, use more caution when knotting and gluing since they will require more reinforcement.

STEP 11: Try scaling the twine, adding hex nuts, subtracting hex nuts, changing the size of the hex nuts, etc. per your pet’s size and needs.