fashion BLOCKED IN


Multiple color blocks in one accessory can match or playfully contrast with any outfit

GREEN AND BLUE CLUTCH, Pangaea, Clifton, $30.50 ENVELOPE CLUTCH, Express, $39.90 SILVER TOTE, Atomic Number 10, OTR, $20.00 BLUE AND TEAL CLUTCH, Francesca’s Collections, $38.00 FAUX NUBUCK CLUTCH, The Limited, $39.90 DRAWSTRING HANDBAG, H&M, $29.95 LINDA NYLON COLORBLOCK TOTE, Banana Republic, $59.50 JOYCE HANDBAG, Baker’s, $52.00 CLUTCH WITH CHAIN, H&M, $17.95 ORANGE AND TAUPE CLUTCH, Pangaea, Clifton, $30.50