With three blades and a built-in gel bar, there’s no need for shave cream. Just wet the razor and go. $9.49 online at

Jordan: 21

Although the three blades work like magic and the soap surrounding the head makes things easier and more time efficient, the soap washes away in as little as three uses. Even small amounts of water erode the magic soap, which is supposed to be the main attribute of the product. As a razor user myself, I know I’m not swapping out new razor heads after only three uses. All in all, the Venus ProSkin is a good razor but unfortunately may not be the best bang for your buck!

Kate: 32

This Venus razor is truly amazingly designed, and seems like it would be impossible to cut myself with—it seems so ergonomic.  I was surprised by how soft the wedges of lather replacement were, and they worked quite well. For someone like me, who is always running late and thus looking to shave (haha) a minute here or there from their routine, it’s perfect!  You wouldn't think just cutting out shaving cream would make a big time difference, but I swear it did. Very smooth shave, and really fast!

Latha: 40ish

I love this razor! It’s winter, otherwise known as the season of “I don’t have to shave, that’s why they invented tights.” This razor smoothly shaved through a couple of weeks of cold weather neglect without any problems and left my legs looking summer ready. I was skeptical about the flat head because I’ve had problems with this design in the past, but the built-in gel bars made for a smooth, nick-free shave and the blades never clogged up. The flat head actually pivots enough to get into all curves without tugging. I’m never going back to my husband’s razor.